Devoted & Disgruntled Free Theatre Conference, Beckett Bucket and Beckett Basement.


Do you love theatre?

Do you feel audiences don’t get a voice?

Do you feel like an outsider in your own proffession?

Are you looking to change things?

In 2012 for the first time ever, you have the opportunity to take part in a unique nationwide conversation. “Devoted & Disgruntled: What are we going to do about theatre?” started in 2006; this open and collaborative conference provided a chance to check in with the theatre community, to share the news about what was going well, talk about what could be done and discuss action to improve things.

So if there are questions that you think should be asked, projects you want support on, things you want changed, join Improbable and the Devoted & Disgruntled 2012 Roadshow on Saturday 14.00-19.00 and Sunday 10.00 – 13.00 in a conversation that could reshape the theatre landscape.  This is a unique chance for your voice to be heard and for us to listen to each other, face to face and online, locally and nationally.


Festival Centre, Enniskillen Castle

23rd – 27th Aug

Floating World will make an artist’s book based upon peoples visual and verbal memories of the work of Samuel Beckett.  Members of the public were asked to describe their memories or knowledge of Beckett’s work and the artists Andy Parsons and Glenn Holman will transcribe them onto paper images, texts or responses.  This process started on the 23rd June at the Ulster Museum.  The artworks that come out of this process will come together to form a compendium of peoples responses to Beckett’s work…a Beckett Bucket.


 23-27th August 2012. 11.00-16.00 daily – free

 The Beckett Basement is an immersive journey through Beckett’s writing, his musical influences, and the sonic mechanics of his text.

 Discover the rooms of Castle Coole’s historic basement through Beckett-inspired soundscapes composed by John D’Arcy alongside Klaus Herbert’s ‘… The Whole Thing’s Coming Out of the Dark’.  (Intermedium Records 2000).  Selected recordings of ‘Company’ and ‘Molloy’ performed by Barry McGovern and Natasha Parry, with helicon, trombone and slide trumpet by Uwe Dierksen.

 Composition and Sound Design by John D’Arcy.

 Directed by Cathie Boyd.

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