Marion Coutts/Gavin Francis

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Start Date: Sun 2 Aug 2015 14:00
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The body, death and mortality are constant presences in Beckett's work but always softened by beauty and mystery.  Marion Coutts and Gavin Francis discuss their own engagement with these powerful themes. 

Marion Coutts is an artist who works in video, film, sculpture and photography.  In 2008 her husband, the art historian and critic, Tom Lubbock was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour and died three years later; in The Iceberg, which won this year's Wellcome Book Prize, she charts in harrowing and deeply moving detail their final years together.  Gavin Francis is both travel writer and doctor.  His previous book, Empire Antarctica, recounts a year spent as a volunteer doctor at a remote British ice station and was Scottish Book of the Year.  Now, in Adventures in Human Being, he explores that most mysterious and compelling of landscapes: the human body.

Readers should be warned that sharing such a grief as closely as this marvellous book compels one to do is painful. At one point I thought I would have to stop reading, and others may well feel the same. But I urge the alarmed not to give up.  Diana Athill onThe Iceberg

This eloquent book informs the lay reader not simply about the ways in which medical insight has deepened and widened but also about the limitless wonders of our bodies. And, unavoidably, given the subject, some of the ills our flesh is heir to, as well. The Herald Scotland on Adventures in Human Being.

Duration: 75 mins

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