Tara MacGowran/Garech Browne

Price: £8.00
Start Date: Sun 2 Aug 2015 16:00
End Date: N/A

Event Category: Talks & Discussions

Duration: 75 mins

Jack MacGowran was one of the greatest interpreters of Samuel Beckett's work and a close personal friend of the writer.  He appeared as Lucky in Waiting For Godot at the Royal Court Theatre and with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Endgame at the Aldwich Theatre.  He and Beckett collaborated on Beginning To End, one of the most highly-acclaimed one-man shows in the history of theatre and in 1966 Claddagh Records released MacGowran Speaking Beckett to coincide with the playwright's 60th birthday.  Jack MacGowran's film career included working with Roman Polanski in Cul-de-sac and The Fearless Vampire Hunters and he also had roles in The Quiet Man, Tom Jones, Young Cassidy, Doctor Zhivago and The Exorcist.

To celebrate Jack MacGowran's life and work the festival welcomes his daughter, Tara, an actress herself, and the founder of Claddagh Records, Garech Browne, to share their memories of a remarkable man.

If ever there was a perfect congruence between a great poet’s imagination and an actor, this was it ... Jack MacGowran’s individual quality and life story are an essential ingredient in our understanding of the life and work of one of the outstanding creative minds of our time. Martin Esslin in The Theatre of the Absurd

The first time I saw Jack, in Endgame… I came away haunted by the impression he made on me.  I have remained so ever since.  Paul Scofield