Price: £16.00
Start Date: Sat 1 Aug 2015 13:00
End Date: Sun 2 Aug 2015 14:30

Event Category: Theatre

Adrian Dunbar will curate a specially commissioned presentation of The Waste Land to mark the 50th Anniversary Year of the death of the poet T S Eliot.  In support, newly composed music evoking the era of the poem, the 1920s, will intersplice the text complimented by images.

The Waste Land is a suite for improvising quintet, serving as an interpolation and network of connections within the spaces of T.S. Eliot's text and the embedded film element. The music was composed for Alex Bonney on trumpet and electronics, Nick Roth on saxophone and features the Elliot Galvin Trio, with Tom McCredie and Simon Roth.

Director: Adrian Dunbar

Composer: Nick Roth

Nick Roth is a saxophonist, composer, producer and educator. His work explores the liberation of improvisation from composition, the impact of natural forms on technology and the contemporary interpretation of traditional music. Nick is artistic director of Yurodny, a founding member of the Water Project and a partner at Diatribe Records, Ireland’s leading independent record label for new music. He is represented by the Contemporary Music Centre (CMC) and the Association of Irish Composers (AIC).

Anna Nygh,
Orla Charlton,
Frank McCusker,
Stanley Townsend.

Jazz Quintet:

Alex Bonney - trumpet, electronics
Nick Roth - saxophones
Elliot Galvin - piano
Tom McCredie - double bass
Simon Roth - drums

Duration: 50 mins